Brand Annie Couture

Annie Couture opened its door on November 5th, 2014, several conceptual fashion shows and a grandiose presentation of the first limited collection took place on the same day.The Annie Couture NYC brand has already firmly established itself in the global fashion arena.

In 2019 the Fashion House was honored to open NYC Fashion Week and was the first to present its collection of clothes and accessories.

In addition to the mainline, Annie Couture NYC creates a vintage collection every year. It is made of quality fabrics, with a touch of elegance, style, and comfort. Annie Couture NYC was one of the first in New York to set the trend of a woman's modest dress that can look expensive, fashionable, and elegant. With Annie Couture NYC outfits, women around the world can show off their beauty and grace. The latest vintage collection of Annie Couture NYC was presented in New York at a Modest Fashion Week that brings together designers from all over the world.

In 2020, the fashion house Annie Couture NYC moved to its historical homeland Israel where the brand already had a lot of fans who are familiar with the style and quality of Annie Couture NYC. Today, the location of the brand is Israel.